ALBUM: Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods

Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods Album

Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods Album

Justin Timberlake has been prodding his down home collection Man of the Woods for about a month now, including a visit declaration and a tracklist that highlights handy, back-to-the-arrive tune titles like “Wool” and “Supplies.” For any naysayers who may imagine that the funk-pop single “Tarnished” demonstrates JT was clowning about the entire “woods” thing, his new collection trailer appears to suggest that he surely isn’t.

The clasp includes Indoors Timberlake, energetically nitpicking at piano harmonies in the studio with Pharrell, and Outdoors Timberlake, skipping openly in a field of blossoms. On the collection, Timberlake demands, he needs us to copy the last mentioned: “It’s intended to be heard outside considerably more than inside.”


1. Filthy
2. Midnight Summer Jam
3. Sauce
4. Man of The Woods
5. Higher, Higher
6. Wave
7. Supplies
8. Morning Light (Ft. Alicia Keys)
9. Say Something (Ft. Chris Stapleton)
10. Hers (Interlude)
11. Flannel
12. Montana
13. Breeze Off the Pond
14. Livin’ Off the Land
15. The Hard Stuff
16. Young Man


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