Mobb Deep – Greatness (CDQ)

Mobb Deep – Greatness mp3 download

Mobb Deep – Greatness Free mp3 download

Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy left the hip-jump group everywhere lamenting for one of their fallen siblings. Not long after that happened, DJ Absolut skilled us with a formerly unreleased bit of flame titled “What You Think.” That tune included some smooth retro Biggie Smalls tests yet at the same time held the fire in its gut that was the Mobb Deep signature.

Mobb Deep‘s notoriety for being a hip-bounce name that you certainly shouldn’t be calling out,this didn’t make the cut for any collections or different activities that Mobb set out back in the day. All the more motivation to regard the virtuoso of Prodigy and to pause for a minute, let his music wash over you and transport you to the inward hover of rap’s extraordinary expressive experts.


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